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         Currently over 66% of the American adult population is overweight and 1/3 of those are obese.  Over 8 Million children and adolescents are overweight.  Over the last 20 years, the rates for overweight adolescents have tripled.

Group Workout Session
         When we think about losing weight, we often think of cardio & diet, but the truth is that strength training does a lot for you. It adds much needed muscle tissue, burns calories and may even help prevent our blood sugar from spiking which helps prevent us from binge eating.  Unless you do something to stop it, your body loses about a half pound of muscle each year after age 25.  Since muscle is your biggest calorie burner, it's like taking your foot off the gas pedal of your metabolism.  That metabolic slowdown can lead to a creeping weight gain of 1-2 pounds per year, or 45 pounds of fat between the ages of 20 & 50 for the average American.  So you can see how important strength training is in your overall fitness!

          There are no secrets or overnight fixes when it comes to weight loss.  Successful weight loss and weight maintenance requires an integrated program of exercise, sound nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits.  It can be hard work, but we are here to help you.